Watch This When You Wake Up! MORNING MOTIVATION, Motivational Video For Success & End Laziness

Motivation Keys:

Every day in your life you gotta weed the negative and you gotta fertilize the positive.
I think a winner is somebody who gets up every single day and fights the fight against doubt.
Fights the fight against fear.
Fights the fight against laziness and procrastination.
And forces themselves to do the work so that they can become a better person,
so that they can see their dreams come true
and so that they can astonish themselves.
If you’re waking up every day and you’re not taking steps to be the CEO of your own life
and managing your day and running your own life you’re gonna be an employee.
It’s gonna run you back.
And it will.

*Lack of motivation WILL kill your dreams

And there are days I’ve woken up and gone through the motions.
And sure as death and taxes, something comes up.
And because I wasn’t in the right mindset it took control, it ran my day.
Live your best life!
Attack the world!
Enjoy the journey!
Starting now, from the day forward be changed and charged.
Go out and make it happen!
Every day get up and live!
And laugh!
And go out and go for it!
Seize your future!
Seize your destiny!
And live the life you deserve.
You win at life when you do the work that makes you feel uncomfortable.
We look at winners all the time, we celebrate our greatest heroes in business and in sports because of their outcomes,
but the fact is nobody stops and thinks about the fact that those champions, those winners,
spent 10, 20, 30 years getting up day in and day out and doing the work.
So a winner is somebody that wakes up every morning, pushes themselves out that bed and does the work to become a better person.
You gotta get up early!
You gotta make a list.
You gotta show up with a great attitude and you gotta get it done.
Getting up in the morning and setting your priorities is very important.
If you don’t fill your day with high priority things that mean everything to you, that inspire you,
your life will fill up with low priority distractions that don’t.
You gotta give yourself permission to be the most magnificent you can possibly be.
I wonder what would happen if you sat down and actually prioritize your life every day.
and then went after the most important things and fill your day that way.
And every day if you wake up and you don’t take control of your day and you don’t dominate the day as best you can from start to finish, life is gonna own you.
You know, if you wake up with a negative attitude you have to be able to step back and self-assess “Why am I in a bad mood?”.
And you have to work from that minute forward to build that tool in your belt if you will,
to be able to assess it, address it, apply it if you will and then move forward.
If you can do that, life gets exponentially easier and easier and easier every day.
And before you know it, you’re working with greater efficiency, more confidence, more determination
and you set yourself on a path to truly self-generate success, but more importantly, you’re happy.
I have a simple exercise I give everybody and some people say: “Oh, that’s so stupid, it’s so silly!”
But I ask them to look in the mirror, especially first thing in the morning and just look in their eyes and say their name,
and say: “I love you! I really, really love you!”
And this is enormously hard for most people to do, to begin with.
But as you continue to do it, it makes a big difference.
You see, life loves you! Life really loves you!
But if you don’t love yourself, it’s very hard for life to bring you the goodies.
Because you’ve got this role.
What I do every day, the fact that it makes me mentally stronger,
the fact that I literally push myself to the point of being physically ill.
When you do that, when you’re starting your day at 4:30 in the morning, whenever do that,
the rest of your day, no matter what happens, is a breeze.
You’ve tackled the hardest part of your day.
And no matter what goes on, you have the confidence and you have the wherewithal, the tool to be able to attack.
Sometimes is just showing up and being able to push yourself a little bit more than yesterday.
If you’re not happy today, start acting happy.
Act the way you wanna feel and soon you’ll feel the way you act.
Go out and make it happen in your life.
Why not do what you really love every day?
I don’t mean necessarily the things that are small, little things.
I’m talking about giving yourself permission to make the difference that you want in your life.
And do the things that are a service to others as well as a rewarding to you.
So we live in a world that we wanna be as comfortable as we can.
And we wonder why we have no growth.
We wonder why when the smallest thing in our life gets difficult, we wonder why we coward and we run away.
Because we are “kind-of living” 
I mean, our whole life is set that way.

Our whole life is a set up in the path of least resistance.

We don’t want to suffer.
We don’t want to feel discomfort.
So the whole time we’re living our lives in a very comfortable area.
There’s no growth in that.
If you find something that you love to do then when Monday comes along you’re not going: “Ahh…Monday…!”
you’re like: “Monday!! I get to act!”
I want you to burn into your nervous system the following statement because it is a fundamental truth of the human condition.
It is literally the baseline physics of what it means to be a person.

As Earl Nightingale said:
“We become what we think about.”

And that’s an idea that I want you to hold firmly in your mind.
That’s something that I really want you to internalize.
I really want you to stop right now whatever you’re doing.
I want you to stop, lean into this video and listen to what I’m saying.
You will become what you think about.
Really think about that for a second as if it wasn’t just a phrase.
As if it’s more than just words.
As if it were a truth about how the brain works.
Because it is.
You’re going to become the thing that you think about.
And I know that you’re dwelling on a lot of negative shit.
I know that you are carrying a lot of baggage with you.
And I know that as you think about how things might go wrong, that you believe.
You believe to the core of your being that you’re just planning for the hard times,
but the truth is you’re going to become those things that you fear.
You’re going to become the things that you dread.
If you’re thinking about all the things that you’ve done wrong in the past, you are going to simply continue that cycle.
But if on the other hand…

*And let this be true, let this ring in your ears with the weight of everything that I carry, if I ever added an ounce of value to you,
if anything I have ever said seemed remotely true, believe that these are the most important words I’m ever going to say to you.*

If you begin to focus on positive things, if you begin to focus on your capabilities,
if you begin to focus on the potential that you have if you really dig in,
build those skills, drive towards something beautiful, something amazing,
something that leaves you wanna create, that you wanna become the vessel for that, then you will.
You will become that thing because you will take those steps.
Because you become what you think about.

And as Mark Twain said:
“20 years from now you’ll be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do.”

So if you don’t take those steps, if you don’t focus on those things,
you don’t manifest what you wanna become,
you don’t believe in it if you don’t see how real it could be,
you can’t picture the version of yourself that you wanna become,
and even though people have told you that is not possible for you,
that the things you did in the past will never be going to allow you to do that,
that you’re not smart enough,
if you let that creep into your mind then that’s what’s gonna happen.
But if you can see that vision, if you can allow yourself to believe it
then you’re going to take the steps and you need to execute against that.
And if you go out there and do those things, you won’t regret it.
But you will regret it if you don’t.
So get out right now.
And build the person you wanna be so you can have the life you wanna have.

 Key Takeaway:

Motivational mindsets are integral parts of success and without a firm mindset, you will talk yourself into failure.